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Graves Pottery offers workshops to individuals wishing to get their hands dirty and make their own masterpieces. Students will create pottery by hand, as well having an opportunity to create a pot using the pottery wheel. After you have completed your workshop you will be asked to choose glaze colors for your pottery. The pottery will be fired, glazed, and fired again. After the pottery is finished you will be responsible for picking up your pottery from Graves Pottery at a later date. 

Cost: $35 (Adult) or $25 (Student)
Duration: 2-3 hours
Group Size: 5-10 people (minimum of 5 individuals required)

Get a group together and contact John Graves to schedule a workshop.


Graves Pottery offers classes to those individuals wishing to learn more about pottery. Classes are for all levels of experience. 


Cost: $20 per working hour
Group Size: Minimum of 5 people

Class dates and times will be posted. If interested in joining a class please contact John Graves. 

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